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Earthwise Farm & Forest

From the Earth, For the Mind, By the Hand, With the Heart

In Loving Memory of Carl B. Russell (2/1/1960 - 6/9/2022). To read his Obituary, please go HERE



Earthwise Farm and Forest is a certified organic, draft-animal powered homestead farm located in Bethel, Vermont, and is operated by Lisa McCrory and her children, Tuilelaith Russell McCrory, Timber Russell, and Bazel Russell. We are certified by Vermont Organic Farmers and the Real Organic Project.

Our mission is to grow healthy, vibrant, food and forest products for our customers and ourselves by following the principles of Holistic Management and applying Regenerative, Biodynamic, and Organic practices.

Products for sale include certified organic Raw Milk, Grassfed Beef, Garlic, Vegetables, Flowers, and non-organic Pastured Pork, Preserves, Holiday Wreaths, and Profanity Pottery.

Educational Workshops & Services are offered throughout the calendar year. Go HERE to learn more about our offerings.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these workshops or services.

  1. Watch this lovely Documentary about our farm (Summer 2020), Beautiful Creatures: A conversation with Earthwise Farm & Forest

  2. Stef & Jeff  (Escape Velocity) visit Earthwise Farm & Forest (Oct 2020). Watch Video

About Us


Education & Consulting

* On-Farm Classes:

* Farm Tours

* Farm Experiences

* Consulting Services:

Grazing Management, Whole Farm Planning, Organic Certification assistance & mentoring.


Grass-Fed Meat & Milk

  • Organic Grass Fed Beef

  • Organic Raw Milk


Farm Fresh Goodness
Hand-Made Crafts

*   * Organic Garlic, Garlic braids, & Garlic seed


  • Providing Nutrient Dense Food: Our land is cared for using Organic, Biodynamic, and Regenerative practices. Our livestock (poultry, hogs and cows) are raised on well managed pasture and our flowers, herbs and vegetables are grown in permanent raised beds for minimal soil disturbance.

  • On-Farm Learning Opportunities: We love to share our Homestead Farm (design and practice) in the form of on-farm classes, work exchange, and off-farm consulting; assisting others in their quest to live sustainably and in deep relationship with the natural world.

  • Small By Design: Our small scale operation allows for a more intimate connection to the land and animals. By caring for the farm as a 'whole farm organism' we are able to support a landscape that is vibrant and regenerative.


The Family Cow Class

I appreciated your openness to questions, the organization in material you were to cover and your nature and presence with the animals. Also, your willingness to receive questions and offer guidance via email or phone after the workshop.  


Dowsing and Agriculture


Butter, Yogurt & Cheese Making Class

Thank you for a great class, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It boosted my confidence with using raw milk to feed my family and gave me the skill set I needed to continue on this journey. By the way, I made yogurt yesterday and served it this morning. YUMMY!! I also have the fromage blanc hanging in the kitchen as we speak. So far so good!!! Today we make butter!


341 MacIntosh Hill Rd
Randolph, Vermont 05060


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