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 The late Carl Russell



Lisa McCrory

Lisa McCrory Consulting

Lisa McCrory is a systems thinker with an interest in a 'Whole Farm Approach' to land and livestock stewardship. She has been involved in sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agriculture since the late 1980's.  She worked for notable organizations such as UVM's Pasture Management Outreach Program, The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, The Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance, and Holistic Management International's (HMI) Beginning Women Farmers program in VT .


A Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner, Dowser, and budding Ceramic Artist, Lisa enjoys working with individuals and groups - helping clients find ways to heal and grow by incorporating spiritual tools and practices used for listening to the land and working with the energies present in the landscape. Lisa also offers consulting services for pasture-based livestock operations; from single species to diversified operations.


Contact Lisa:


Cell Phone/text: 802-353-5039

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