2020 Organic Garlic & Garlic Braids 


$11/lb or $6 for 8 ounces


Our Garlic is certified organic by VOF and is grown using organic and biodynamic practices.


We grow hard neck varieties: NY White and Chrysalis Purple. Both are large bulbs with 3-5 cloves for the NY White and 6-10 cloves for the Chrysalis Purple


Garlic Braids are priced by the weight of the braid. They range in price from  $9 to $22. Some are decorated with dried flowers. These braids are beautiful to hang in your house and you can cut a bulb off as you need it and the braid will stay intact. Your garlic, if hung in a place out of the sun, should last until at least January if not longer.


Contact us to place an order: info@earthwisefarmandforest.com or text 802-353-5039.


Organic Garlic

Organic Garlic Braids


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