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Farm Fresh Raw Milk is the best food around. We are fortunate to have this nutritious food for ourselves and our customers to consume. Hand squeezed daily, we milk 1-2 cows each day. Our milk supply will pick up dramatically in May and June when two of our cows will calve. On top of that, once they are grazing on delicious pasture, the cows almost double their milk production.


We feed our cows a delicious blend of lush forages(or dry hay in the winter) from their managed pasture set-up (Management Intensive Grazing Program). Their diet is 95% pasture, and the remaining 5% consists of salt, minerals and a dash of grain.

Being a Tier 1 raw milk farm, it is required that customers come to the farm to pick up their milk. Please call to make your order at least 48 hours in advance
. A brief tour of our milking operation is offered for first time customers.


Cost is $9/gallon or $4.50 for half gallon, provided in half gallon mason jars.


Email/Phone/Text: info@earthwisefarmandforest.com or 802-353-5039


Organic Raw Milk