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Earthwise Farm and Forest is a certified organic draft-animal powered family farm located in Bethel, Vermont, and operated by Carl Russell and Lisa McCrory.  We produce and sell certified organic garlic, milk, flowers, herbs, perennials, poultry (chicken and heritage turkey), beef, and non-organic (though gmo-free) eggs, pork and lumber.

The emphasis of our farming enterprise is to function as a self-sufficient 'whole farm organism', applying ecological principles, biodynamics, dowsing, motive (animal) power, and renewable energy to create healthy vibrant food and forest products for our family and our local community. Everything on our farm is raised using a process of intention and intuition to validate the unseen energy of Life's creative process.

Products for Sale for 2014 

We market our certified organic products through our website and on the farm. We always have eggs waiting for purchase in our 'Milk Shed', and are welcoming more milk customers, as production will increase when our cows start grazing in early May, and our heifer 'Joy' is due to calve the end of June! So, Contact us if you are looking for delicious, raw organic milk! Our milk is sold by pre-order only.

We will have a Farm Stand situated at the end of our driveway later this spring to compliment the 'Milk Shed' where we keep our milk and eggs refrigerated. A summary of our products for sale are listed below. We will also be selling Timber's Cat Toys, Timber Boot Jacks, plant starts, and surplus veggies from our gardens such as tomatoes, kale, lettuce, beans, cucumbers, squash, zucchini,  and more.

 Organic Milk
 $4/half gallon - Pre-order only
 Organic Chicken
 $5.90/lb; $5.50/lb if purchasing 10 or more birds
 Organic Turkey
 Available for Thanksgiving
 $8.75/lb; $8.50/lb if pre-ordered by 8/31/14*

 Organic Potatoes and Onions (red and white)

baby potatoes in July  TBD
 Organic Garlic
 $10/lb, or $1/bulb
 Organic Cut Flowers
Bouquets and by the stem - call to inquire.
 Pumpkins, Winter squash and Ornamental squash
GMO-Free eggs (non-organic)
 NOW  $5/dozen

*This is the time to Pre-order your organic chicken and organic heritage turkey! Last year we ran out of both. We ask for a $10 deposit per bird for the chicken and $25 deposit per bird for the turkey. Contact us for more details or to order.

* Looking for a Boot-Jack? Look no more! Timber's Boot-jacks are wonderfully crafted and fully functional. Click HERE for details. 

On-Farm Education:

We offer a number of On-Farm Workshops throughout the year, and, on occasion, we will speak at conferences or workshops covering topics similar to those that we offer on-farm. We hope that you are able to come to our farm on one of our appointed workshop days. Continue reading to learn what is happening for 2014!

Upcoming Events at Earthwise Farm and Forest:

1) Cheese, Butter and Yogurt Making Class - Sunday, July 27thfrom 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm. Learn how to make delicious soft cheeses, yogurt and butter in your own kitchen! Get acquainted with using butter molds and adding herbs, or other flavors to your final product. With simple instruction and good quality raw milk, it is an easy and exciting activity providing nutritious, quality food for your family.

For more information, go HERE

Consulting services Include Grazing Management Strategies, Whole Farm Planning, and Horse Logging.

* Certified Organic by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers), www.nofavt.org  

                     * To learn more about Dowsing, visit www.dowsers.org or sign up for our Dowsing and Agriculture Class

                     * Proud Members of Rural Vermont! Please support their efforts of building a vibrant, local food system.   Become a Rural Vermont Member today!  


Life on Earthwise Farm. Click on images to view slide show.