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Earthwise Farm and Forest 
is a certified organicdraft-animal powered family farm located in Bethel, Vermont, and operated by Carl Russell and Lisa McCrory. We produce and sell certified organic Raw Milk, poultry (Chicken and Heritage Turkey),BeefGarlic, vegetables, Flowers, and non-organic (though gmo-free) eggsPastured Pork and lumber. 

The emphasis of our farming enterprise is to function as a self-sufficient 'whole farm organism', applying ecological principles of Holistic ManagementBiodynamicsDowsing, motive (animal) power, and renewable energy to create healthy vibrant food and forest products for our family and our local community. 

Everything on our farm is raised using a process of intention and intuition to validate the unseen energy of Life's creative process. The name of our farm points to our belief in the inherent wisdom of established processes of the Earth, and that as we work to secure what we need from the land, we also need to validate those processes as our most valuable resources.

We offer Educational Workshops throughout the calendar year covering topics that include: Raw Dairy Processing (Cheese, Butter & Yogurt Making), Dowsing & AgricultureCaring for Your Family Cow & CalfHorse Logging & Forestry, and Management Intensive Grazing.

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Products Available:

A summary of our products currently for sale are listed below. Contact Us by phone or email for more information.

Our farm is small, and though we would LOVE to have all our products out and ready for sale each day, to guarantee the highest quality, we prefer that our customers call or email ahead with the order, so that we can have your items ready for you when you arrive. (Phone: 802-234-5524, Email: Earthwise@myfairpoint.net)

Organic Raw Milk $8/gallon Tier 1 farm; pre-order milk; pick up at farm

Pasture Raised Eggs  $5/dozen Not Certified Organic - fed organic grain, pasture, food scraps

Organic Chicken   $6/lb Pre-order NOW. Birds will be ready late July

Organic Heritage Turkey $9.25/lb   Pre-Order NOW. Birds will be ready late November

Organic Flowers Purchase by the stem, in bulk, bouquets, or for special occasions 
Pastured Pork Pre-Order Now. Pigs will be ready in early December. Not Certified Organic
Joyful Pottery Selling plates, bowls, mugs, butter dishes. Happy to make items by request. Webpage coming soon.
Organic Rhubarb Selling at the Farm Store NOW
Herbs/Perennials/Annuals Available at our Farm Store

Upcoming On-Farm Workshops

  1. Visit our listing of On-Farm Workshops. These classes are offered as interest builds... contact us if you have a group or partial group of interested people and we will set a date!

On-Farm Education & Consulting Services:

Farm Tours and Educational Learning: Bring a group to the farm for a Farm Tour or an educational activity; from harvesting or planting vegetables to visiting our farm animals, to making products out of farm fresh milk. We are willing to custom-fit your visit to meet the interests of your group. Willing to work with school groups, campers, kids or adults. Email Us for more info.

We offer a number of On-Farm Workshops throughout the year, and are available to speak at conferences or workshops covering topics that include: Management Intensive Grazing, Draft Animal Power, Animal-Powered Timber Harvest, Ecological Forestry, Holistic Management, Dowsing & Agriculture, and Small Scale Homestead Farming.

Consulting services Include Grazing Management Strategies, Multi-Species Grazing SystemsWhole Farm Planning, and Horse Logging.

  • Our Farm and Farm Products are Certified Organic by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers), www.nofavt.org  

Life on Earthwise Farm. Click on images to view slide show.