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Organic Pasture Raised Chicken

Our pasture raised meat birds are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). We manage our birds on pasture in a rotational grazing system, providing them with lush green grass, organic grain, kelp, insects, clean water, fresh air, and sunlight. As a certified organic farm, our birds are raised on a diet free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Our Freedom Ranger meat birds are slow growing, strong, robust, and highly suitable for our organic, pastured environment A great alternative to the fast-growing white broiler chicks or slow-growing heritage breeds they reach their peak weight of 5-6 lbs in 9 to 11 weeks, are suitable for free range, foraging and pasture environments, and produce tender, succulent meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds.

Two generations GMO-FREE  The Freedom Ranger chicks come from birds who were raised on Non-GMO grain, so our meat birds have 2 generations of a GMO-Free existence.

Raised with dignity, slaughtered humanely on the farm: We process small batches every couple weeks starting Mid July to early October.

Reserve your birds today!

2019 Prices: $6.50/lb, or $6.20/lb if you purchase 10 or more birds.

Organic Heritage Turkeys

What is a Heritage Turkey?

Heritage Turkeys are closer in likeness to the wild turkey, and are the ancestors of the common Broad-breasted White industrial breed of turkey.

Heritage Turkeys can live for many years, breed naturally, are winter hardy, great foragers, and taste delicious. 

They take about 6 months to reach their market weight, at which point our hens will weigh 8 - 11 lbs and our toms will weigh 11 - 18 lbs.

Why we LOVE our Heritage Turkeys

  • Heritage Turkeys mate naturally, are able to fly, and enjoy extended life spans.

  • Pasture-Raised and GMO-Free: Raising our birds on pasture, browse and organic grain makes a delicious, local meat that is GMO-Free, and contains no pesticides, herbicides or antiobiotic residue.

  • Taste: Their robust flavor is sure to get rave reviews; meat from these birds is healthier, darker, more flavorful, and has a wonderful texture.

  • Reserve Your Bird today! 2019 Prices: $9.75/lb. Order by October 1 and pay $9.40/lb!

Organic Raw Milk

Being a small homestead farm, we have 2 milk cows that we hand milk each day. One cow is a full Jersey, and our other cow is a blend of Scandinavian Red x Jersey x Holstein.

Our milk cows are fed a delicious blend of lush forages from their managed pasture set-up (Management Intensive Grazing Program). Their diet is 95% pasture (dry hay in the winter), and the remaining 5% consists of salt, minerals and a dash of grain.

Being a Tier 1 Raw Milk Farm, it is required that customers come to the farm to pick up their milk. Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance. A brief tour of our milking operation is offered for first time customers.

With our certified organic raw milk, we make yogurt, cheese, butter for our own consumption and feed the skim milk, whey, and buttermilk to our pigs and poultry.

We offer a Cheese, Butter & Yogurt Making Class a few times a year for those into food processing, and also offer a Management Intensive Grazing Class and a Family Cow Class for those interested in having their own critters.

Call us at 802-234-5524 or email to order your milk.

Cost: $4.50 per half gallon    $9.00 per gallon

Organic Cut Flowers

Zinnias, Sunflowers, Statice Cosmos, Calendula, Celosia, Dianthus, Love Lies Bleeding, and a variety of perennials are available to fill your bouquets with delightful eye-candy; brightening your home, work space, or special event.

  • Order your Flower Bouquets in advance and pick up at the farm!(delivery is possible, depending upon location)

  • Come, by appointment, and pick your own flowers (purchase by the stem)

  • Volume Discount for flowers ordered by the stem (we pick for you)

  • Order flower arrangements/settings for events

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