Farm Fresh Organic Raw Milk


YES - We have Raw Milk for sale! Call or email to place your order: 802-234-5524 or

Currently, we are hand-milking 2 cows: Joy is a Scandinavian Red x Jersey cow, and Mocha is a full Jersey. Joy just gave us two heifers in 2018, and these beautiful creatures are half Brown Swiss with a beautiful disposition. We look forward to adding Phoneix and Phylicia to the milking string in a 2020.



Our milk cows are fed a delicious blend of lush forages from their managed pasture set-up (Management Intensive Grazing Program). Their diet is 95% pasture, and the remaining 5% consists of salt, minerals and a dash of grain.

Being a Tier 1 raw milk farm, it is required that customers come to the farm to pick up their milk. Please call to make your order at least 48 hours in advance
. A brief tour of our milking operation is offered for first time customers.

With our certified organic raw milk, we make yogurt, cheese, butter for our own consumption and feed the skim milk, whey, and buttermilk to our pigs and poultry. We offer a Cheese, Butter & Yogurt Making Class a few times a year for those interested in learning how to do this on a home scale. We also offer a Management Intensive Grazing Class and a Family Cow class for those wanting to learn some more.

Call us at 802-234-5524 or email to make arrangements.

$4.50 per half gallon    $9.00 per gallon

                                                        Xena the Mighty Warrior Princess - our first milk cow                                         

A Brief History of Milking A Cow By Hand, by Steve Judge (published in Mother Earth News, July, 2014): Click Here