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Reserve your pig. $100 deposit and the rest is due when the pig is slaughtered. (based upon hanging weight) - Please contact us directly to reserve your pig. Only a couple for sale.


Pasture Raised Pigs

Raised with Dignity, Slaughtered Humanely on the Farm

We purchase piglets in the spring and use them to 'renovate and rotovate' a piece of our farm that we want to return to productive pasture. The pigs do a wonderful job as their snouts are perfectly designed to dig and turn up the soil in search of roots, bugs, and other tasty treats. Their pasture diet is supplemented with food scraps, organic skim milk, and organic grain.

Following the VT On-Farm Slaughter regulations, we sell our pigs as wholes only (no halves or retail cuts). Pigs will be available in late Fall/early Winter,


$5.75/lb hanging weight.


Our pigs will weigh about 200 lbs hanging weight (give or take). $1,150.00 estimated cost per pig. Cutting & Wrapping, and Smoke/Cure is additional.

Pasture Raised Pigs