Yes, we have Organic, Pasture Raised Chicken!!


Price: $6.50/lb or $6.30/lb if you purchase 5 or more birds.


Please contact us directly to place your order.  Email: or 802-353-5039 (text or call)


About Our Meat Birds


Our pasture raised meat birds are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). We manage our birds on pasture in a rotational grazing system, providing them with lush green grass, organic grain, kelp, insects, clean water, fresh air, and sunlight.


As a certified organic farm, our birds are raised on a diet free of pesticides, herbicides, GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms), antibiotics, or hormones. 


The birds that we raise each year are the French Freedom Ranger. 

This variety of meat bird is a slow growing broiler that loves to graze, is strong and robust, and is highly suitable for our organic, pastured environment.


Two generations GMO-FREE - Our Freedom Ranger chicks come from birds who were raised on Non-GMO grain, so this years' meat birds are the 2nd generation of a GMO-Free existence.


Save! - Pick up 5 or more birds and get the Volume discount Price of $6.30/lb!


Please call or email to place your order. or 802-353-5039 (text or call)


Thank you!


Organic Chicken


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