Reserve your Organic Chicken for 2020!


Price: $6.50/lb or $6.30/lb if you purchase 10 or more birds.


Please contact us directly to place your order.  Email: or 802-353-5039 (text or call)


About Our Meat Birds


Our pasture raised meat birds are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). We manage our birds on pasture in a rotational grazing system, providing them with lush green grass, organic grain, kelp, insects, clean water, fresh air, and sunlight.


As a certified organic farm, our birds are raised on a diet free of pesticides, herbicides, GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms), antibiotics, or hormones. 


The birds that we raise each year are the French Freedom Ranger. 

This variety of meat bird is a slow growing broiler that loves to graze, is strong and robust, and is highly suitable for our organic, pastured environment.


Two generations GMO-FREE - Our Freedom Ranger chicks come from birds who were raised on Non-GMO grain, so this years' meat birds are the 2nd generation of a GMO-Free existence.


Save! - Pick up 10 or more birds and get the Volume discount Price of $6.30/lb!


Pick up at our farm store when we have birds in stock. (2019 inventory is sold out)


The first batch of 2020 birds will be available in late July 2020.


Please call or email to place your order. or 802-353-5039 (text or call)


Thank you!


Organic Chicken


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