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Becoming ONE with the Natural World Through Dowsing

Dowsing Changed My Life

I was first introduced to dowsing in 1991. Little did I know how much I needed this new skill and how it would change my life. My life was in turmoil; I was trying to get sober, trying to learn new habits, and was still searching for something - but did not know exactly what it was. I was angry, broken, and spiritually empty. Enter the world of Dowsing. A dear friend of mine convinced me to accompany her to a Chapter meeting of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) in Danville,VT. Members and guests gathered each month to practice their dowsing with one another, teach newbies (like me) how to dowse, and bring in speakers who would share their dowsing experiences in conjunction within their professional work or personal story. Many people think of Dowsing as a way to locate water; I learned that there is so much more that one can do! Speakers came to these chapter meetings from all walks of life - from Geomancers, Healers, Psychics, Farmers, Animal Communicators, Engineers, Scientists, Professional Water Dowsers, Shamanic Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Masons, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists.... the list goes on. I dove into this limitless pool of inspiration & possibilities and found my 'family'. So...what is Dowsing? "Dowsing is the name given to a quest for information, with or without the assistance of a device. Such information can be for personal benefit or on behalf of others, and appears to come to the dowser through means other than the 5 senses." (American Society of Dowsers) We can use dowsing to find water, but we can also use dowsing to find lost objects, communicate with the land & animals, work with our energetic fields, communicate with those who have passed on, find the perfect home (which i did!), connect to our personal guides to assist in our physical and emotional well being, and more. It has been 30 years since my first introduction to dowsing and I continue to use it in my daily life - one could say it is just a part of who I am. Dowsing has taught me ways to stay quiet and listen to that internal voice; it has taught me that we are all spiritual beings contained in a physical body to grow through life lessons; it has taught me not to take myself too seriously; it has taught me to be open to the messages of the natural world, and to find healing, forgiveness, and love as I care for my gardens, my animals, and myself; it has helped me find my 'tribe' of metaphysical land stewards, and has supported me as I continue to learn, grow and heal from the traumas that nearly drove me to my end those 30 years ago. If you have read this far, perhaps you are wondering how to get started on your own path with dowsing. At Earthwise Farm & Forest, we offer a number of different classes on dowsing and invite you to join our growing family of Dowsers and Healers. Many of the classes focus on connecting to the natural world through meditations or actual garden planning. For those interested in developing solid skills in water dowsing and Geomancy, our friend and Professional Water Dowser, Steve Herbert, comes to our farm a few times a year to take you into those deeper fields of study. To learn more about the classes that we offer, visit our website.

With Love and Compassion, Lisa McCrory

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