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Earthwise Farm and Forest - Our Story

By Carl Russell - This article was published in the Spring 2013 Edition of The Draft Horse Connection

The intimacy of being physically involved in creating the impact of land-use cultivates a feeling of responsibility. Whether it is the caress of our hands on animals as we accustom them to our working relationships, the call of a raven as we skid logs out of the woods, or the odor of freshly turned soil as it slides across the face of a plow, these things draw us physically into relationships with the Life around us. We are drawn closer to the Earth, and therefore more interested in direct participation with the system that we depend on for the sustenance of our family. This is the foundation for our philosophy on stewardship, and the use of draft animal power is integral to it.

My wife Lisa McCrory and I operate Earthwise Farm and Forest, a certified Organic draft-animal powered diversified family farm located on 150 acres in Bethel, Vermont. We produce and sell certified Organic garlic, potatoes, raw milk, flowers, herbs, perennials, and poultry (chicken and heritage turkey).  We also sell gmo-free eggs and pork that are raised organically, but not certified. We use forest management principles that maintain ecological integrity, and use our draft animals exclusively to harvest logs that we sell as custom-cut lumber and fuelwood.   

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