Reserve your 2021ThanksgivingTurkey!

Cost: $9.95/lb .... $30 deposit to reserve your bird.


What is a Heritage Turkey? Heritage Turkeys are closer in likeness to the wild turkey, and are the ancestors of the common Broad-breasted industrial breed of turkey.

Heritage Turkeys, like the wild turkey, can live for many years, breed naturally, are winter hardy, great foragers, and taste delicious.


It takes longer for Heritage Turkeys to reach maturity; usually about 6 months to reach their market weight, at which point our hens will weigh 8 - 11 lbs and our toms will weigh 11 - 18 lbs.


Why we LOVE our Heritage Turkeys

  • Heritage Turkeys mate naturally, are able to fly, and enjoy extended life spans.
  • Because our birds are able to live long lives and reproduce naturally, we hatch out each year's batch of birds from our own breeding stock.
  • Pasture-Raised and GMO-Free: Raising our birds on pasture, browse and organic grain creates a nourishing, local meat that is FREE of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and genetically modified grains.
  • Taste: Their robust flavor is sure to get rave reviews; meat from these birds is healthier and delicious.


Contact Lisa (  or call 802-234-5524 to reserve your Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey.




Organic Heritage Turkey