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Cost: $9.75/lb

2 frozen birds remaining; 8 lbs and 8.75 lbs


What is a Heritage Turkey?


Heritage Turkeys are closer in likeness to the wild turkey, and are the ancestors of the common Broad-breasted industrial breed of turkey.

Heritage Turkeys can live for many years, breed naturally, are winter hardy, great foragers, and taste delicious.


These birds take about 6 months to reach their market weight, at which point our hens will weigh 8 - 11 lbs and our toms will weigh 11 - 18 lbs.


Why we LOVE our Heritage Turkeys

  • Heritage Turkeys mate naturally, are able to fly, and enjoy extended life spans.
  • Pasture-Raised and GMO-Free: Raising our birds on pasture, browse and organic grain creates a nourishing, local meat that is FREE of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and genetically modified grains.
  • Taste: Their robust flavor is sure to get rave reviews; meat from these birds is healthier, darker, more flavorful, and has a wonderful texture.


Contact Lisa (Lmccrory560@gmail.com)  or call 802-234-5524 to reserve your Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey.




Organic Heritage Turkey