Our Milk, Poultry, Vegetables, and Herbs are Certified Organic!

Availability of products will be posted on their individual product pages, and we hope to send you little e-notes when certain crops are ready. (Please sign up on our Contact Us page)

Meat and Eggs

Our beef is 100% grass-fed and our pigs and layers are fed organic grain, pasture, skim milk, and vegetable scraps/garden waste when available. Our chicken and heritage turkey are certified organic.

Providing products that are GMO-FREE is important to us. The meat bird chicks come from Freedom Ranger Hatchery as second generation GMO-Free chicks, and our heritage turkeys are hatched on the farm - 11 generations GMO-Free.

Products for sale include: 

Consulting services include grazing management, whole farm planning, horse logging, and educational workshops.