Pasture Raised Pigs

We purchase piglets in the spring and use them to 'renovate and rotovate' a piece of our farm that we want to return to productive pasture. The pigs do a wonderful job as their snouts are perfectly designed to dig and turn up the soil as they search for roots, bugs, and other tasty treats. Their pasture diet is supplemented with food scraps, organic skim milk, and organic grain.

Breed: Our pigs this year are 3/4 Tamworth and 1/4 Duroch

We sell our pork as wholes only (no retail cuts). Pigs will be available in late Fall/early Winter

Cutting & Wrapping, and Smoke/Cure is additional or 802-234-5524


View our video of: Pigs Move to New Pasture, (from June 2013)

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