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Holiday Greetings

from Earthwise Farm & Forest

The cool weather has finally settled in Vermont, making it feel like winter is truly on its way. At Earthwise Farm & Forest, we are winding down for a short winter repose; but first we have some final offerings for you :
  • Organic Heritage Turkey - we have about 6 turkeys remaining. Price is $9.35/lb. Size range is 8-12 lbs each. Contact us if you are interested!
  • Holiday Wreaths - We have a wonderful collection of dried flowers and other perennials and love to decorate our Holiday wreaths with them. These out-door decorations are guaranteed to last for months.... and they smell wonderful. Order your wreath today! Available as early as Nov 20th. Go HERE for details
  • Lisa's Joyful Pottery - The pottery adventure is growing, and to celebrate, we are having a sale on a number of the pottery pieces we have in inventory. Come to our farm store and check out the deals, or Contact LISA to see what is available. We are happy to mail items to you.
  • Vegetables - Cabbage, Dilly Scapes, Bread & Butter Pickles - Surplus Cabbage, and delicious preserves like our famous Dilly Scapes (dill pickled garlic scapes) and our slightly spicy/sweet Bread & Butter Pickles are available while supplies last. $1.75/lb for the cabbage and $8/pint for the preserves.
  • Organic Maple Syrup - Holiday sale prices for our maple syrup - while supplies last. $52/gallon, $28/half gallon, $15/quart, $7.50/12 oz jar, $3 for a 4 oz can (perfect stocking-stuffer).

Our next On-Farm Workshop!! Intermediate Dowsing Class!! Steve Herbert will be teaching the Intermediate Dowsing class on Saturday, November 18th. Topics covered in this class will include 1) Discovering one's personal codes, 2) Tools for improving accuracy, 3) Learning about live water, 4) Procedures used in locating a water well site, 5) Earth Energy Dowsing, 6) Agricultural Dowsing & more. Some dowsing experience required. To learn more or to register, go HERE.

 Thank you for another bountiful year,

And for your patronage

Lisa McCrory & Carl Russell

Earthwise Farm & Forest, 341 Macintosh Hill Rd

Randolph, VT 05060; 802-234-5524



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