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August Greetings from

Earthwise Farm & Forest

 We have been having an incredibly busy and bountiful summer, snatching the sun when we can and taking advantage of rain - grateful that our gardens are getting plenty of water without our help. We have also been having a wonderful time reconnecting with family, and remembering what is most important in life.

Of course, we want to make sure that we eat healthy, nutritious food to support our mind and bodies, but having deep, meaningful relationships with family, and friends is another important measure in nurturing ourselves emotionally and spiritually, making sure to laugh, breath deeply and tell those close to you that you love them.


                      In loving memory of Jack McCrory, Patriarch of this lovely crew

We hope you enjoy this little update from our farm - sharing some upcoming workshops and a list of products we have available and some creative ways to purchase them from us.

Upcoming on-Farm workshops you don't want to miss:

1) Spiritual Gardening: Dowsing & Agriculture - This is one of our more popular classes that we offer 4-6 times a year. Our next class is Sunday, August 13th from 1-4:30 pm!! In this class, you will be introduced to Dowsing and how it works, and we will learn how to apply our dowsing in gardening, animal care, finding water, and more. This class offers participants a wonderful opportunity to get more connected to their inner 'knowing', engaging higher levels of mind and spirit. Join us!! For more information, or to register,  go HERE.


2) Butter, Yogurt, and Cheese Making Class - Another one of our more popular classes. Next class is taking place Sunday, August 20th from 1:00 - 4:30 pm! We love offering this class; participants will learn how to make delicious butter, yogurt and soft cheeses such as Fromage Blanc and Ricotta in a home kitchen scale setting. There will be hands-on learning, time for food tasting, question/answer, and discussions ranging from the benefits of raw milk, raw milk regulations, where to purchase milk from someone near you, and more. To learn more about the class, or to register, please go HERE.


Products Available From Our Farm

Wonderful, Wacky, Can't-Be-Beat, Modified CSA: $100 pre-payment = $110 worth of products from our farm! Talk to us if you would like to take advantage of this incredible deal. We prefer to have items pre-ordered for freshness, though you should usually find a selection of vegetables & eggs in our store-front.

1) Organic Maple Syrup - available in 4 oz containers, all the way to Gallon size. Visit our Home Page to learn more about prices.

2) Organic Chicken - $6.25/lb, available in 4.5 - 5.5 lb packages

3) Organic Vegetables - we have Tomatoes, Basil, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Garlic, Cucumbers,

4) Organic Heritage Turkey - Reserve your Turkey today! Available for Thanksgiving and beyond! We usually sell out by October.

5) Garlic, Garlic Seed and Garlic Braids -Available NOW... $6/half lb bag, braids are priced individually

6) Lisa's Joyful Pottery - Lots of great, functional pottery to purchase. Visit our web page for pictures of some of the pieces, or Contact Lisa to order commissioned bowls, plates, mugs, butter dishes, etc.

7) Organic Raw Milk - Our cow, Joy, is making lots of milk and we are expecting Mocha to calve any day... meaning that we will have lots of Raw Milk to sell and are welcoming new customers! 

8) Cut Flowers and Flower Bouquets - Have an event coming up? Interested in weekly flower bouquets to adorn your home? We have lots of beautiful flowers - give us a call or email us to see what we have this week and into the late summer/fall months.

9) Pasture Raised Eggs and Heritage Turkey Eggs - Delicious and abundant! Chicken eggs are $5/dozen and the Heritage Turkey eggs are $8/dozen

 We look forward to Feeding You!!

Carl Russell & Lisa McCrory

Earthwise Farm & Forest

341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Randolph, VT 05060


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