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       'Eating Is An Agricultural Act' Wendell Berry

October 2014 Newsletter  

If, as Wendell Berry says, “Eating is an Agricultural act”, then buying directly from local producers is an ecological act.

There is an increasing awareness of the importance to society that ecological goods and services provide for health, social, cultural, and economic needs. Clean air, abundant fresh water, enlivened soils, and attractive landscapes are examples of Ecosystem Goods. Purification of air and water, maintenance of biodiversity, decomposition of wastes, soil and vegetation generation and renewal, pollination of crops and natural vegetation, groundwater recharge through wetlands, greenhouse gas mitigation, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes are the products of Ecological Services.

As our rural landscape shrinks, so does the percentage of Vermonters who have direct experience with how farm-scale impacts the resources that they value in their surrounding hills. Stewardship that enhances ecological goods and services can be costly, especially compared to large-scale farms that externalize these costs; the degradation of the supporting systems leads to costs that will eventually need to be addressed by society at large.

At Earthwise Farm and Forest, we strive to produce quality food products while simultaneously investing in our farm, ensuring that the ecological goods and services will thrive for generations to come.

We've had a wonderful season and a bountiful harvest, and are offering a  delicious selection of  organic products:

Heritage Turkeys, Chicken Raw Milk , Pastured Pork (not organic)Beef, Cabbage, Onions, Potatoes,

Carrots, Beets, plus hand-made crafts such as Holiday Wreaths and Timber Boot-Jacks.

Get your Complete Thanksgiving Meal in one place! To go along with our Thankgiving Heritage Turkeys, we will be selling cabbage and root veggies (onions, potatoes, carrots, beets). Bagged and ready to go, we will have 6-7 lbs of organic root vegetables and a cabbage ($20 value) for just $15.

And if a turkey is too large for your household, consider an organic chicken! (or two)


Holiday Wreaths & Timber Boot Jacks

Pick up a wreath with your Thanksgiving Turkey, Chicken, Farm Fresh Milk or Veggies. Wreaths will be available starting November 15th.  A portion of the proceeds from each wreath sold will go towards the Bethel Food Shelf.


Wreath Prices: All wreaths come with a ribbon  

Decorated:                  Small = $12,    Medium = $17,        Large = $22

Undecorated :             Small = $8,      Medium = $13,        Large = $18


                                                           Best wishes to All!

                                                    Carl Russell & Lisa McCrory                           

                                                     Earthwise Farm and Forest

                               341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Bethel (911 address), VT 05032


                                 Phone: 802-234-5524, Email:


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