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As the season changes our activities change. Rudolph Steiner describes the seasons as the breathing in and breathing out of the earth. In the Fall, the earth inhales, drawing all its energy inside; it is a time of inner reflection. In the Spring, the earth exhales; it is a time to get out and express oneself.

Our land-based livelihood is full of routines that carry us forward into each new day.  Knowing what needs to be done every day is the thread that we follow through changes in weather, and the ever-complicated personal, business, and community schedules. The lists of chores make up the fabric that binds us to our land, animals, the soil, and each other.

As day-length wanes, and temperatures drop, the pigs are slaughtered, the potatoes dug, tomatoes plants finally die, gardens are turned, grass stops growing, and water begins to freeze in the hoses, our routines must change with the season.


Now there is a fire to tend every day, water and hay need to be hauled to pastures to extend their use, and our focus shifts to other enterprises. Now there is more time to dedicate to harvesting timber and fuel wood, sawing lumber and building much needed utility buildings, and preparing for the caretaking of livestock and poultry through the upcoming winter.


            Harvesting timber for personal and commercial purposes, and building our much needed utility shed

There are new products and activities appropriate to the season that we turn our attention toward. We are finishing off the turkey flock in preparation for Thanksgiving and Xmas; harvesting boughs and making wreaths; teaching workshops; and building time into our schedules for the expected, but unpredictable winter chores of moving snow and seeing to the general successful functioning of all necessary systems.


Taking orders for Holiday Wreaths, and Thanksgiving Turkeys

The boys are starting to harvest the materials they need for making their Holiday Wreaths. Timber and Bazel love to find ways to finance their many hobbies, and they also like to give back to their community. A portion of the proceeds from each wreath sold will go towards our Bethel Food Shelf. Wreaths will be available after the 20th of November. Pick up a wreath with your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Place an order for a wreath, and you will get one hand-crafted just for you!

Prices:  Decorated Small = $10      Decorated Large = $20

             Undecorated Small (with ribbon) = $7   Undecorated Large (with ribbon) = $17 

We have just a few turkeys left! Place your order, while supplies last. Remaining birds are approximately 8 lbs to 11 lbs in size. We are SOLD OUT of fresh birds for our November 26th pick-up, but will be processing some birds on November 16th to be picked up fresh on that day or frozen after that date.

Upcoming Workshop: Dowsing and Agriculture, November 10th from 1:00-4:30 pm

Interested in learning how to dowse? Do you already dowse, but would like to learn how to apply your dowsing towards managing your land, your gardens, your animals or developing a deeper connection with your own needs? Come spend the afternoon with us this Sunday, November 10th. For more details on this class, please go HERE.


 Wishing you all the best,

Carl Russell and Lisa McCrory

Earthwise Farm and Forest, Bethel, VT



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