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Earthwise Farm & Forest Barbeque Seasoning….

The VT GMO-Labeling Bill, enacted on July 1, 2016, lasted about 4 days before it was nullified by the Dark Act (S.764). Alas, here stands Lisa McCrory (4th from left) with the GMO-Labeling Coalition, Governor Shumlin, our VT State Legislators, Senator Sanders, Senator Leahy, and Congressman Welch. It was an amazing day of celebration - and we will continue to fight for the right to know what is in our food.

Our Certified Organic Pasture-Raised Chicken

It starts with a breath of fresh air, a sliver of Dawn’s early-light, and the scent of dew freshened grass. Add to that the morning songs of thrush and raven drowned beneath the sound of a happy flock of chickens gaining access to the day’s grazing.

Some will tell you that these seasonings cannot be tasted at the table, and to some degree that is true. But if you know your food like this, from within the experience of husbandry that provides these components, then it is there…. It is real.

This is the best food on the planet, but you cannot buy it in stores. Food like this must be known. Invested with love and enthusiasm from start to finish.

Animals raised like widgets will deliver calories, and the meat can certainly support four-star herbal sauces, but the husbandry provides no substance. When time is taken to create the environment where animals can remain clean, comfortable, and live with dignity, the process is enjoyable. It is full of pleasant healthful experience that absolutely becomes part of the resulting food, especially for those who take part along the way.

We choose to raise a small numbers of birds, in comfortable settings, with access to fresh natural green feed. We raise a slower-growing variety of meat-bird chickens so that a flock of one hundred birds can be processed in small batches over a 4-week period, keeping our on-farm processing days enjoyable and stress-free. We find the product of our daily life in every bite of the food on our plates.

By explaining it here, we hope that you too can understand what truly goes into the chicken you buy from Earthwise Farm & Forest. We are pleased to share this food story with you. It is the best food on the planet, and you cannot buy it in stores.


Products for Sale at Earthwise Farm & Forest


Organic Chicken - We are raising Freedom Ranger meat birds this year - certified organic and 2 generations GMO-Free. Our birds are ready NOW...Price is $6.00/lb or $5.80/lb for volume purchases of 5 or more birds. Please call or email ahead to place your order and arrange pickup.            

Organic Heritage Turkey
 -We raise and hatch all our turkeys on the farm and as a result, our certified organic birds are now ten generations GMO-FreeEmail us if you want a bird or two, and we will send you the deposit form. Price is $9.25/lb; $9.00/lb if you reserve your bird before September 1st.

Pastured Pork - Slaughtered humanely on the farm; we are almost sold out for 2016. Contact us if you are interested in reserving a pig for the fall harvest (Late November/Early December).

Organic Garlic - We will be harvesting our garlic by the end of this month and it will be for sale through our farm store or private order as individual bulbs, or garlic braids (mail or pick-up). 
Pastured Eggs - Our eggs are not certified organic ONLY because we feed them food scraps (greens from our farm and from Chef's Market). We feel this is an important part of their diet to compliment the pasture and organic grain that they are fed, and it makes the eggs more affordable for you.          

Organic Raw Milk - Farm Fresh organic milk from cows fed a diet of lush green pasture forage that they harvest themselves. Delicious, healthful product as a beverage or when converted into value added products such as cheese, butter and yogurt. (We have a class coming up in early August - come join us!)  

Organic Cut Flowers and Bouquets - Interested in having a fresh bouquet to pick up each week? Looking for some cut flowers or flower arrangements for a wedding or small event? Our flowers are ready now through late September. Flower varieties we are growing include: Zinnias, Sunflowers, Statice, Gomphrena, Yarrow, Verbena, Phlox, Shasta Daisy, and Calendula.

Other Organic Products - Fresh Basil, Kale, Garlic, Garlic Braids, Garlic Dilly Scapes, Rhubarb Jam and Pesto will be available at our farm stand in the coming days/weeks. We love it when our customers order ahead of time so that we can make sure you have your order packaged fresh and waiting for you when you come to our farm store. Contact us to arrange for pre-orders.  

Upcoming Classes at Earthwise Farm and Forest

1) Cheese, Butter and Yogurt Making class on Sunday, August 7th from 1:00 - 4:30 pm! 


Learn how to make yogurt a few different ways successfully; learn the tricks for making delicious butter, and some soft cheeses like Ricotta and Fromage Blanc. Lots of hands-on learning, and you get to taste your creations. Cheese and yogurt cultures will be available for sale.

2) Spiritual Gardening: Dowsing and Agriculture Class, on Sunday, September 11th from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm! 

This class will incorporate the joys of gardening with some tools and ideas to assist in connecting with the unseen energetic intelligences (nature spirits, garden devas, elementals, etc), creating an environment of spiritual exploration and co-creation. With the use of some common dowsing tools, participants will come away with an understanding of the vast potential of dowsing & spiritual approaches to farming and gardening and all aspects of their lives. 

3) Family Cow Workshop Date TBD - will be late August or early September, 2016. Let us know if you would like to attend and what days work for you.


Interested in owning  your own cow? Not sure where or how to start? This class will cover the in's and outs of owning a family cow - from health & nutrition, to breeding, milking (hand milking or bucket milker), calf care, udder health, milk quality, setting up a  rotational grazing system, raw milk sales, and more. 

 We look forward to connecting with you in August with more news,

Best wishes to All,

Carl Russell & Lisa McCrory

Earthwise Farm and Forest

341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Randolph, VT (mailing address)





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