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What a Growing Season!! Right??

September 2018 E-Newsletter from Earthwise Farm & Forest

Each year, as we tend to the needs of our soils and listen to the land, we are rewarded with a bounty of produce and are now immersed in processing food and canning & freezing. We are very grateful for our large kitchen - especially now.

As we make the time to plan our enterprises for 2019 and address the infrastructural needs of the farm, we have decided that we will be taking a break from raising Heritage Turkeys, so ALL of our birds will be processed this year - we won't be keeping any breeding stock. It is very possible that we will start with a fresh batch of birds in 2020, and we will keep you informed as our plans unfold. We have only 20 birds this year (normally we have at least 40), so expect that we will sell out soon. Details are below in our September Deals section. We have, however, inadvertently gotten into raising some Muscovy Ducks (they just keep reproducing!!), so will more than likely have some Holiday Duck to sell this November to complement our Thanksgiving Turkeys.

That's it for now! Still lots to do on the farm, so not a lot of time ponder or muse. Please take a gander at our September deals, upcoming events, and look for us in at the Tunbridge World's Fair!!

September Deals

  1. Bulk Organic Tomatoes and Bulk Organic Cucumbers for sale!! Feel like putting some food away? We will sell you a volume of tomatoes or cucumbers (while supplies last) and will also pass along some of our favorite canning recipes! Our famous Bread & Butter pickles, Tomato Salsa, Tomato Sauce, Dried Tomatoes to name a few.---- $2.00/lb for tomatoes, $1.75/lb for cucumbers - minimum purchase is 20 lbs                                              
  2. Cut Flowers: Sunflowers, Zinnia, Statice - Come and harvest what you need for your home or special event. Walk the labyrinth while you pick out your blooms! The gardens are literally overflowing with color and we would love to share the bounty with you. Sale will continue until first hard frost, or while supplies last. Please contact us to make an appointment to harvest. for our Pick-Your-Own Sale, you fill your bucket, and make a donation to the farm. Pay what you can.

      3. Reserve your Organic Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving. We have extended our early reservation discount to Monday, September 17th. To learn more about our Heritage Turkeys, go HERE.
     4. We had a wonderful Organic Garlic year and, though we are putting a lot of it into our value-added products, we have lots to sell. Our normal price is $12/lb, but if you purchase 3 lbs or more, our volume/discounted price is $10/lb.

Upcoming Classes

  1. Management Intensive Grazing for the Diversified Farm - Saturday, September 22nd from 10 am - 4 pm @ Earthwise Farm and Forest. Go HERE for more details.
  2. The Family Cow - Sunday, October 7th from 12:30 - 4:30 pm @ Earthwise Farm and Forest. Go HERE for more details. Read Lisa's latest article: 'Adding a Family Cow to Your Homestead Farm' to see if this class is right for you.
  3. We will be offering an Advanced Dowsing Class with Steve Herbert in November or early December. We will be learning about Geopathic and Geovitalizing zones on our land and in our homes and will learn methods to mitigate or enhance their effects. Prerequisite fo this course is the Intermediate Dowsing Class, taught at Earthwise Farm & Forest, or permission by the instructor. Contact Us if you are interested in registering for the class.

Upcoming Local Events

  1. Central Vermont's First Dowser's Gathering - Saturday, September 8thfrom 10 am- 12:30 pm at BALE (Building A Local Economy), 35 S. Windsor Street, South Royalton, VT. Our invited speaker will be Dr Adhi Two-Owls. Adhi will share with you some of her knowledge and experiences with dowsing. Recommended donation = $5. Contact Karen, Karen@kareneddings-wellness.com.
  2. Tunbridge Worlds Fair is coming up September 13th -16th and we look forward to walking the fairgrounds, catching up with friends, watching the livestock shows and oxen/draft horse pulls, and just getting off the farm. Perhaps we will see you there!
Warmest Wishes,
Lisa, Carl, Tuilelaith, Timber, and Bazel
341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Randolph, VT 05060

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